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I have been making Native American costumes and
regalia since 1998, when my daughter and I first began
work on a dress for the 1999 Ponies Of America World
show.  Neither the dress nor the horse's regalia were
fully finished in time for the show, but it was enough
for my daughter to compete in the Native American
Costume class.  In the process of making the dress,
I found out how much I enjoy the traditional crafting
style of creating these pieces from start to finish. I have
become dedicated to the preservation of traditional
Native American craftsmanship, with emphasis on creating historically correct,
working reproductions for horseshows, parades, pow-wows, and rendezvous.  Each
outfit is custom designed and hand-sewn using sinew on deerskin, elk hide, or trade
cloth.  Beadwork is hand-sewn lane stitch or appliqu
e in the Native American tradition
and style.  Regalia for the rider and/or the horse is carefully researched and created
individually for each order.  No two are alike!

If you are interested in what my work looks like, please visit the Regalia Examples
page: I continue to add to it as orders are completed.  For general pricing, time line,
and an idea of what items are a "must" in Native American classes, click on my Price
List.  My favorite section is Putting it All Together
: see what comprises the costume
while on the horse, how it all sits, and other bits & pieces.  Enjoy your time spent
browsing though my site and I hope you learn much!  Feel free to email me with any
Thankyou for looking!