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Putting it All Together
All regalia pieces shown are either custom-made orders for previous customers or a part
of my private collection.  None are currently for sale, nor do I make exact copies of any
piece. These photos are merely examples to show my work and give you an idea of what
pieces comprise a costume ensemble. Enjoy, and feel free to e-mail me with any questions.
On Left: Gold buckskin
dress with cobalt & ivory
beadwork, tin cone
dangles, bone hairpipe
necklace, strike-a-light
pouch.  This is my
daughter's dress that I
started in 1998.
Completed in 2004

On Right: Willow
buckskin dress with coral,
cobalt & turquoise
beadwork, deer tails,
cowrie shells, tin cone
dangles, elk teeth, painted
ponies. Completed in 2005
On Left: Braintanned
buckskin dress with
massive amount of true-cut
bead work (
weight is close
to 15 pounds!
), glass pony
bead dangles; personal

On Right: Braintanned
breastcollar (hanging) with
geometrical plains-style
beadwork, otter fur, crowie
shells, brass bells. Wool
trade cloth saddlepad (on
chair) is beaded in
woodlands-style; both in
personal collection.
On Left: Painted ponies
breastcollar (left) and hip
piece (right): decorations
include ermine, bone
hairpipes, cowrie shells, tin
cone and horse hair dangles.
Completed in 2005.
Extra coral/cobalt beadwork
done in 2006

On Right: Geometric hip
piece (left) and breastcollar
(right): decorations include
turquoise, white, fire red &
dark orange beadwork, tin
cones, horse hair dangles,
hawk bells, and coyote
tails. Completed in 2005
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On Left: Lightweight, white pigskin dress with periwinkle, pink,  
& green lanestitch beadwork, hawk bells, horse hair dangles, and
turtle amulets. A joint project between me and my older daughter,
completed in 2005.

Below: Elk robe, 7' by 5', with painted ponies.  Completed in 2005