Regalia Examples
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All regalia pieces shown are either custom-made orders for previous customers or
a part of my private collection.  None are currently for sale, nor do I make exact
copies of any piece. These photos are merely examples to show my work and give
you an idea of what pieces comprise a costume ensemble. Enjoy, and feel free to
e-mail me with any questions.
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Putting It All Together
On Left: Hairpipe
breastcollar (left) and  
willow buckskin hip piece
(right); decorations include
black horn & white bone
hairpipes, multi-colored
glass trade beads, hawk
bells, horse hair dangles,
waterbuffalo teeth,  coyote
fur, tin cones, and large
brass bells.
On Right: Willow
buckskin dress made and
decorated to match with
breastcollar and hip piece
All pieces completed 2005
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On Left: Willow
buckskin bearclaw shirt,,
bone hairpipe chest
piece, red hand shield,
badger bag, red trade
blanket, and old calvary
bridle. 2006

On Right: Painted
ponies bag and high top
moccasins have coral,
cobalt and turquoise
beadwork, while bag also
has tin cone dangles.
Completed in 2005
On left: Smoky taupe buckskin
dress decorated in a
floral/woodlands pattern with true
cut beads, glass trader beads,
seashells, and tin cone dangles.
Breast piece for horse (far left)
matches dress with a beaded floral
pattern, abalone shells, and tin cone
dangles. Pelt (far right) is a whole
Blue Fox.
Completed in 2006.
On left: Close up of
beadwork on hip piece
to match smoky taupe
buckskin dress.

On right:  Lizard
fetish to go with smoky
taupe buckskin outfit.

Both completed 2006
On right:  Headstall for a warrior outfit,
decorated with horsehair dangles and
waterbuffalo teeth.  Modeled by Sonnys
Magnum Lite (POA) and completed in
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