Regalia Examples
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All regalia pieces shown are either custom-made orders for previous customers or
a part of my private collection. None are currently for sale, nor do I make exact
copies of any piece. These photos are merely examples to show my work and give
you an idea of what pieces comprise a costume ensemble. Enjoy, and feel free to
e-mail me with any questions.
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Putting It All Together
On left: A throatlatch collar to
go with a warrior outfit, fully
beaded and with tin cone
dangles. Modeled by a sleepy
Sonnys Magnum Lite (POA)
and completed in 2007.
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Below, top row: Chestnut elkskin dress with red and white lanestitch
beadwork, tine cones, abalone discs, crow bead-cowrie shell-dentalia necklaces,
and beaded rawhide belt.  Matching breastpiece has ermine pelts on shoulder
straps.  Matching hip piece has waterbuffalo teeth and buffalo fur over top.
Bottom row: Accessories!  Cornhusk doll with buckskin dress, belt
and horsehair braids.  Fringed reins with cowrie shell and tube bead
accents. Rawhide headstall decorated with tube beads, pony beads
and cowrie shells.  A joint project between me and both of my
daughters, completed in 2009.
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more pictures are added!